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Novelty Fake Passports-Degrees-Transcripts-Trade Certificates more.........

Novelty Passports & Supporting Documentation – Fake Degrees – Transcripts & More…………..
Note to all customers:
Before asking information or start an order: We don't start work in any program without payment of advance fee. In case you not agree to this condition, please don't order from us. Don't ask for Cash on Delivery service or any Third Party Escrow or Installment Plan, we don't do this kind of payment. Thanks for understanding our conditions.
Unlike the old fake diploma sites we are a full printing service which means we can replace, create and product any lost document or just create a new identity or educational past.
Many people in general have become targets of terrorism, predatory tax authorities, vindictive solicitors and lawyers, angry and vengeful ex spouses, stalkers, as well as other unsavory persons. A novelty passport can afford additional security, flexibility, freedom of movement and tax savings. Our company offer our time proven second nationality and residency programs for the person who wishes to protect themselves in today's unsafe world.  
You may have a multitude of additional reasons why your true identity could put you in an undesirable position, particularly if you are high-profile and wealthy. You can never actually know before some nasty streak of events whether you are really in safety or not, can you? What if you country's regime changes overnight? If suddenly you are victimized for being of a wrong religion, nationality, or political party membership - or because your spouse holds a grudge and denounces you a child molester, a porn fiend, a pervert, a drug dealer, a mobster? Think of all the possibilities inherent in a social and political system based on conformist and permanent state controlled brainwashing! And if that's not enough: how about the IRS or your local equivalent to that agency?
Our company offer an extensive and comprehensive range novelty passports for worldwide travel, international driving licenses and much more just tell us what you need as we are a full printing company.Protect your right to privacy with a second travel passport.
Trade Certificates and Documents
Email For Cost –Year etc
CIE - Cambridge International Examinations WJEC - The Welsh Joint
Education Committee examinations board CCEA - The Northern Ireland
Council for the Curriculum, Examinations
and Assessment AQA - The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance
examination board
OCR - The Oxford Cambridge and RSA examinations board EDEXCEL - The
London examinations board SQA -The Scottish Qualifications Authority
GCSE Examinations GCSE Malaysia Examinations MEG Midland
Examining Group SEG Southern Examining Group
City & Guilds London Institute GCSE AS & A2 Level Certificates NVQ
National Vocational Qualification NEA GCSE General Certificate of
Education GNVQ Certificate
NZQA New Zealand Qualification Authority JEB Joint Examing Board BTEC
Award Certificates EDEXCEL NEAB Northern Examinations and Assessment
City & Guilds Level Certificates National Vocational Certificates (NVQ’s)

Cost or Price For Separate Purchase
International Drivers License: $165.00 USD   We can provide Driver License or totally novelty driver license from ANY country.
1. First name:
2. Last name:
3. Date of birth:
4. Drivers License or ID Number or we will provide
5. Height (in cm and inches):
6. Color of eyes:
7. Weight (in lbs.):

Our Novelty Driver License is with your photo and data you provide us. Process & production time take about same day produced and 4 days for delivery. Please note that we fill in the blanks such as the Drivers License and Identification Numbers etc.

Passport: $850.00 USD Our passports produced with high quality and have made from the original documents book. We accept all security features like special paper, watermarks, security threads, intaglio printing, micro printing, fluorescent dyes, color-changing ink, document number laser perforation, latent image, laser image perforation while producing passports.
There is also a possibility to affix almost all kind of stamps into the passports.

1. First name to put on passport:
2. Last name to put on passport:. (Names do not need to be your birth name)
3. Date of birth:
4. Place of birth:
5. Height (in cm and inches):
6. Color of eyes:
7. Weight (in lbs.):

Cover Identity Card: $125.00 USD The Cover Identity Card can be ordered from any country as we require the same information above as the International Drivers License.
Library Card: $65.00 USD Our novelty Library Cards can be printed and issued from any library in any country and in any language. Our cards are the correct size, color and print for the library card requested. We can even re-create or produce a card from your request or example.
Utility Bill: (any type) $85.00 USD Many people want their privacy up held as we offer and can produce any Utility Bill from British Gas you name it or just email us a request and example and we will produce it for the same charge.
Fake Degree/Diploma: $185.00 USD We produce exact replica novelty Degrees & Transcripts from any university or college for any year. Each novelty degree is individually custom made to fit our clients’ needs. That includes your name, the type of degree, the field of study or major, date of graduation and of course the school it’s from. As well, every one of our novelty degrees come complete with seal and signatures, and unlike some of our competitors, we do not charge extra for this. Our product comes complete, just as it would from the university. To make your degree look as authentic as possible, each seal is individually made specifically for that type of degree. These degrees are printed on high quality parchment paper, purchased from a trade supplier. Our novelty degrees are designed to imitate authentic looking documents issued by your colleges and universities.

Fake Transcripts From Any University or College: $145.00 USD Our novelty transcripts are printed on high quality safety paper, otherwise known as non-reproduction or tamper proof paper. This paper is designed so that when it is copied, it shows a hidden word. Usually wording such as "VOID" or "COPY". The paper we use is the same kind of security paper that is used by many schools and universities. The reason that schools use this paper is so that employer or officials can identify forgeries when it is tampered with. Now that we print on the same kind of paper, no one will notice. Many of these documents come with a watermark embedded into them. A watermark is an image that is faint, and which under normal light, may or may not be seen, however if your hold it at an angle it will normally show up. A number of these documents come with an appropriate color image printed in the background. These novelty transcripts come fully customized with all of your pertinent data, as well they include the courses and related information, such as units awarded and accumulated Grade Point Average. The courses are derived from a mixture of your primary and secondary major or you’re major and minor. The GPA that is awarded is your choice. You pick the GPA you would like when placing your order. To cap these authentic looking novelty transcripts off, they all come with embossed seals or registrar’s signature, or in some cases, both.

Student Package Package: $450.00 US
This order or package is designed for the graduate who likes to display his or
her documents as the order offers a superior level of quality that
well exceeds the level of standard documents. Even though standard
documents are printed with average quality, this order incorporates a
higher quality of printing to appear and look like the original.
Replica Quality!
Correct Template
Degree, Certificate or Award? Size 8 ½ 11 Documents Correct Size 2/
Course Certificate 1/Included
Transcripts, Score Sheet? 3/Included with order
Depending on the type of documents requested this order covers miss
and match documents as it is meant for superior quality printed
Print Quality Parentage Compared To the Originals
Technical Package: $750.00 US
More Supporting Documentation
Correct Templates
We understand that corporate professionals need the same level of
quality as the originals as we offer an expensive means to replace the
documents or redesign your documents or order with superior quality
not found with any other site or company. This package offers two
degrees or certificates as we know some customers require a Bachelors
Degree & Masters Degree as this applies to a
BSc & MSc
Normal Requested Documents
Degree, Certificate or Award? Size 8 ½ 11, 10/13, 11/14 Documents
Sizes 2/Included
Transcripts, Score Sheet? 6/Included with order
Letter of Recommendation 6/Included with order
Certified Letter of Attendance 6/Included with order
Course Certificate 1/Included
Diploma Cover 8 ½ 11 2/Included with order
Print Quality Parentage Compared To the Originals

New Identity & Educational Package $1200.00 USD
Extreme Supporting Documentation
This package is designed to include a large volume of supporting documentation to look and appear as if an educational back ground and past records are truly legitimate.

Passport (Any Country) 1/Included with order
International Drivers License or Country of Your Choice Drivers License 1/Included with order
Library Card 1/Included with order
Utility Bill (Your Choice/Type) 1/Included with order
Degree, Certificate or Award? Size 8 ½ 11, 10/13, 11/14 Documents
Sizes 2/Included
University/College ID Card 2/Included with order
Transcripts, Score Sheet? 6/Included with order
Letter of Recommendation 6/Included with order
Certified Letter of Attendance 6/Included with order
Course Certificate 1/Included
Correct Leather Diploma Cover 8 ½ 11 2/Included with order
Print Quality Parentage Compared To the Originals

Please note that any document can be changed for requested for the package as we offer mix match documents.

Passport – New Identity Package: $1500.00 USD Serious Quality!
We offer a complete 100% Passport/New Identity Package that will pass for the real thing! This package includes the following items.
1. Passport or Country of your choice.
2. International Drivers License or Country Issued Driver License
3. Identification Card
4. Library Card

Please note in order to produce any product we will need your basic print information such as Full Name, Date of Birth etc. Passports, Iternational Drivers Licenses etc require that you send us a photo in email attachment form to complete said document. If you have any questions as to what information is needed or required (see below) or email us 24/7 at:
Basic Print Information We Need?

First Name:
Last Name:
Zip Code or Country Code:

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